Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 9

Black Lightning Season 1 (2018) Full Cast & Crew

Episode 9

Release Date: 13 March 2018

Air Date    : 13 March 2018
Distributor    :

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Fictional universe    :

DC Universe

Genre    : ActionSci-Fi
Running Time    : 43 min
Director    : Salim AkilMara Brock Akil
Creators    : Tony Isabella, Trevor Von Eeden
IMDb / 9.2:

Black lighting profile always be rise and fall in the DC Universe
For nearly 40 years, Black Lighting‘s profile has risen and fallen in the DC Universe. But now, Black lighting is the man who can bend electricity at his own will. He is inspired to take down the gang named as 100. He was also dominating as the south side of the Metropolis. He will become the founding member of the outsiders and Justice League. In this, Jeff will retire his heroic identity. In this, both of her daughters will get the similar power of electricity from their father. Black lighting involves the group of Villains. This includes the Crime Lord Tobias Whale. In this, the shapeshifter is known as Ishmael. Cyclotronic Man is the man who has the similar powers as the Black Lighting abilities. This involves the first foes of the Merlyn. This is the frequent nemesis of the Green Arrow. The black lighting also involves the join series of the Arrow verse. This is just like the battle with the Malcolm Merlyn. This would be the easy way to tie in the other CW series. Black lighting is also resurfaced as the member of the outsiders. Isabella will return to the Black lighting ongoing series. In this episode, she will play the supporting role rather than the leading character.
Batman will come to his mind when he will frustrate with the Justice League. He is also hoping to rescue from his friend Lucius Fox from the war. The Dark Knight will recruit the Jeff in order to infiltrate the country. He will be considered as Fox’s brother. He will also force to become the Black Lighting. He will also capture to end up with the Batman.
Batman will help to manage the Black Lighting to recover his electric powers. They have to escape from the prison. Both Black lighting and Batman had joined the war in Markova in order to defeat the Bedlam. After the success of the mission, Black Lighting will become the member of the new team called the Outsiders.


Cress Williams (2017) - Black Lightning
Cress Williams
Chantal Thuy-Black lightning season 1
Chantal Thuy
Nafessa Williams-Black lightning season 1
Nafessa Williams
David Dunston-Black lightning season 1
David Dunston
China Anne McClain-Black lightning season 1
China Anne McClain
Damon Gupton-Black lightning season 1
Damon Gupton
Shein Mompremier
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson-Black lightning season 1
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson

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