Game of Thrones season 8 Arya Stark killing Night King has saved HBO series

Game of Thrones season 8 Arya Stark killing Night King has saved HBO series

In the entire Game of Thrones season, we witnessed so many things which definitely left a big impact on the audience. No doubt, you might have also heard many theories and speculations were revolving around what could happen in the final season and who will king the Night King. One such theory which caught our attention is around the Theon Greyjoy and Iron Born. Will it happen that he will be killed by saving everyone from the Night King?

Arya Stark killed the Night King

In the entire series, we all have heard the phrase which is repeated many time ‘What Is Dead May Never Die,’ and even in the books. We all know nothing happens on its own in the Ice and Fire world. It must be holding a special value and that is why we get to hear it most of the time.

In the entire series, Theon played a different role whether it was Reek who are very stubborn or than saving Sansa or Yara from difficult situations. In the last season we saw he understand what is his actual identity and he in the premiere of season 8 he saved her sister Yara as they finally returned to Winterfell to be with Jon snow in the battle. No doubt, he had made many mistakes and it might happen that he die. You can Watch Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 online on 5th May 2019.

In Episode 2 of season 8, we saw the emotional reunion of Sansa and Theon, as it also gave us the reason to care about this character. However, it still creates a perfect opportunity for him to be with everyone and protect everyone. Some are even speculating that his death might be the most devastating one while fighting with the Night King.

We also witnessed in the second episode season 8 that he volunteered to be with Bran when the winter comes. This favor was in return of the castle he took from Bran and because of that Bran had to face many problems. It means he will be with Bran in the Weirwood for his protection.

Will the death of Theon and Iron Born affect the Night King power as he has listened too many time “What is dead may never die”. Many fans are speculating that this might happen he may rise again from the ashes because of their religion and what they say “What is dead may never die”.

In the Trailer of Season 8, we heard bran saying “Everything you did brought you to here now,”. Some fans speculated that he is talking about Jaime Lannister his old friend but he is waiting for Theon because he knows what sacrifice he is going to make when the battle comes.

There is no doubt, Theon has been always raised as a stark kid since the time Ned stark took him from his cruel father. He might have done so many hurtful things and betrayed the Starks from Season 1. But we think that he will be rewarded in the best way as now he took the oath to save his brother and stands with him on the battlefield.

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