Will Game of Thrones season 8 has a happy ending for all?

Will Game of Thrones season 8 has a happy ending for all?

As the popular fantasy series of TV Game of Thrones is coming to its end so the speculation overall episodes of this last installment are at an all-time high.  The news of the first premier of Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1 on April 14, has made the fans excited as the fans want to know about the climax of this series will they get to watch the happy ending ?

There is nothing much to say about the questions and doubts of the fans as not much information about the season 8 has been revealed, even the cast and crew have not given any statements related to the upcoming season.  But the recent information given in the interview has revealed that the way this series is going towards its end will not give happiness to all.

According to Harington, “It would not be a happy ending as the fans could not watch the more seasons of the series after this last season 8.” It is like finishing the interesting book after reading as after finishing the book one may have the happiness that it is over but on the other side, there can be grief for the same that it is all over, same is with the series Game of Thrones. It is good that fans could know the actual winner of the game of either to die or to win but on the other side, fans could not watch the more seasons further due to this final installment of the show.

He also revealed that at the same time fans will be unhappy that their favorite series is getting over but will feel satisfied with what they will get to watch in the last season. The all the six episodes of the final episodes are made quite engaging and full of entertainment for beyond expectation satisfaction of the fans. He also said that fans will get something extraordinary and that will change the TV again as it did in the past so the final episodes of the series will again break the boundary that is why everyone including the cast and crew of the series is excited for the people to see it.

Fans could feel a bit disappointed with the outcome of the show as one or more deaths of the characters of the show can make them feel sad at the end but as it is the Game of either to win or to die so it is not possible that all characters will survive in the final season. However, the fans are expecting for the survival of all characters in the climax so it would be interesting to watch whether the fans will get satisfied with the ending of the show.

Now only the premier can resolve the doubts of fans and only After the 14 April, fans could get the answers of their questions and doubts about the climax of the most popular TV show.

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