Another Leak for Game of Thrones- where is the real spark

Another Leak for Game of Thrones- where is the real spark

The fourth episode of Game of Thrones “The Spoils of War” was leaked online before its actual release date. Everything is quite perplexing right now most especially as the series’ 7th season gets concluded. The efforts of the cyber attack police in India, Mumbai paid off on Monday when 4 major suspects were arrested for leaking the series’ fourth episode.

It is a long line of connections, but the prevailing evidence is that three of the main suspects are employees of an IT company known as Prime Focus Technology and the other one is a former employee of the same company. Prime Focus Technology conducts business with Hotstar, particularly for online streaming.

Once the 4th episode was aired before its actual release, Prime Focus Technology launched a complaint which led to the arrest of Mohammed Suhail, Ghadiyal, Bhasker Navichandra Joshi, and Alok Sharma.

The investigations reveal that Bhaskar and Joshi partnered and then sent the episode to Alok Sharma for leaking. The 4 suspects appear to be guilty of the crime since there are no complaints that come from them

The case is registered under two concerned Acts (Information Technology Act and 408- Criminal Breach of Trust by an Employee– IPC section). Meanwhile, the suspects are still in police custody until August 21 when they will perhaps appear before the judge; said by the deputy commissioner of police Akbar Pathan.

Meanwhile, Star India is proud of the swift investigations that led to the arrest of the suspects. In their own words, they send their sincere appreciation to the Inspector General of Police Mr. Brijesh Singh (Cyber), the office of DCP Cyber Cell and the Government of Maharashtra. The staff went on to indicate that this is the first time in history for such a crime to be committed and any breach of the Intellectual Property Rights will get the deserved legal action

The suspects will soon face the law and any other person connected to the leak will be brought to light.

Meanwhile, there has also been another leak and this time round, it is the forthcoming 6th episode of the favorite TV series. The leak emerged from the HBO’s Spain channel and the episode was aired for almost an hour.

According to sources, the airing is termed as a mistake, but from Reddit, many fans managed to get a glimpse of the episode in question. The Game of Thrones fans became outrageous, trying access the series online on Twitter, and Instagram

A few have managed to get a piece of cake of the soon to be aired episode entitled “Death is the Enemy”. We have no idea of whether the uploaded scenes are in the actual episode, so, that will only be witnessed on 20, August, 2017 when the episode is released

Part of what is coming in the 6th episode pin point to the great war that is expected to climax into the 7th season of the Game of Thrones. The White Walkers are expected to be seen in the upcoming episode evidenced by the changes in the weather. It is now getting colder

As Jon with his companions strive to capture a white walker for Cersei, it is left to be seen if they will manage.

Littlefinger is also becoming a problem trying to turn the sisters against each other

The latest about the last episode

The Game of Thrones series will end with the 7th episode, which is scheduled for the August, 27 release. Emerging information point out to the fact that the episode has also been leaked though to only a few hands.

Much as HBO was hacked in July, a lot of questions are still unanswered about the latest leaks, some of which emerge from India and Spain.

It is true that HBO suffered a major breach and Game of Thrones series is badly affected since this had never been experienced ever since the series made it’s grand TV appearance. It is only now towards the end of the series that all these issues arise

Some speculators are sure that the Game of Thrones series has just been the victim, but the main target is the HBO’s CEO and president Richard Plepler.

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