Assassin skills of Arya will be key in the upcoming season 8 of Game of Thrones

Assassin skills of Arya will be key in the upcoming season 8 of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the popular fantasy series which has a huge fan following, each of its seasons brings a lot of entertainment and excitement for its fans. But now the excitement of fans is on seventh heaven as Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1 is ready to air on 14 April 2019 with a lot of mysteries and adventure stuffed with a lot of entertainment.

Although some of the details about this final installment of this game series have been released still there are a lot of mysteries left to revel and will sort out after the final release of this show. As per the spoilers, there is a huge battle set to play out between the humans and an undead army of the Night King. Thus, in this season fans could enjoy some sort of fight over who will get to sit on the Iron Throne means it will be excited to watch who will be the survivor of this big battle?

One more story is being intriguing in this season 8 about one character named Arya who could play a key role in both of these fights so it will be interesting to watch the Assassin skills of Arya in the battle of Bastards. Fans could expect something leading to Humanity from Arya’s side to have the victory of the Night King. These skills and training will influence who will take the throne at the end of this final season 8.

Assassin skills of Arya will be key in the upcoming season 8 of Game of Thrones

Below are possible spoilers for this upcoming season that reveals that why Arya is the most important character of this show?

As till the season 6 story arc Arya being blinded in Braavos for her assassin skills was the sort of boring story but in the final arc, she will fight with army of dead and this final and influencing battle is being fought at night so it can be challenging for all but the fans could enjoy something interesting by guessing that who could fight in dark and will get on throne?

This final arc fight of Stark can give an edge to her sibling and even it could be impossible to judge that who will be the major part of this big battle of the final season, but due to all her training and skills, Arya is going to play the key role of this battle.  This final battle is set for almost the full episode means of an hour approximately which is going to be the biggest battle in the television history, so the final season will bring most entertainment stuffed with adventure and action.

Furthermore, according to some spoilers that 55 nights took to film this battle and it will last for an entire episode of this season so this biggest night battle is going to give advantage to the night fighter Arya the most, as in this most influencing battle she could have a chance to use her assassin skills that is the key factor of this final season of Game Of Thrones.


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