Avengers: Infinity wars- Thanos and his planet-Titan versus memorable superheroes heeding on powerful gems which decides the overall end

Avengers: Infinity wars- Thanos and his planet-Titan versus memorable superheroes heeding on powerful gems which decides the overall end

The opposite- Thanos

Thanos being the head of the Eternals from Saturn’s largest moon –Titan, the planet of Thanos who is obsessed with incarnation and obsessed with death; onset of preserving his planet destroys half of the earth belongs to Avengers (the megastars) and continues to do so in this series as well.

Avengers is based on Marvel comics, a melange of many generals as per comics, Thanos has five and only 4 of them has been shown in the movies so far, maybe the remaining one could be present with his own black army against superheroes. Now the movie is released online, watch movie online

Where are all gems housed?

The infinity stones are the objects of desire, throughout the universe.Thanos is in hot pursuit and searching high and low for them.He is hell-bent on possessing them and has been searching for them in every nook and corner, but to no avail, for these special stones are in the possession of special persons.
Space stone or the gem is popularly known as the Tesseract is with Loki, who has turned over a new leaf after having a dark, evil past.Currently, he is on spaceship cruise with his friends Thor and Hulk, accompanied by his allies and other surviving members of Valhalla, his home which has now been destroyed in an incident in which he lost his sister as well.

Avengers infinity stones

Reality Stone or the Aether is with The Collector.He has been on the scene ever since his palace was destroyed in the first Guardians movie.

Power Stone is amid the tight security network of Nova Corps, the space police.

Time Stone-The precious time controlling gem is embedded in Doctor Strange’s amulet.Currently, Doctor Strange resides in New York.

Mind Stone-Vision, a unique avenger who is a robot, created by Iron Man and Thor, has the possession of the Mind Stone.The gem which has exceptional powers to control other’s mind is embedded in his forehead.The stone is his crucial asset as it empowers him with life and intelligence.

Soul Stone– Not much is known about it.But it is speculated that it might be in Wakanda, an African country.Black Panther once showed that the country has Vibranium, an exceptionally strong metal which was utilized in making Captain America’s shield.

The inevitable war

Thanos has set his eyes on the special gems.He is determined to recover them even if they are at the core of the Earth and fuse each one of them to his gauntlet. The possessor of these stones will undoubtedly become the undisputed king of the universe and will have the power to doom half the population of the Earth. The Avengers is already on a high alert as they are warned of the impending danger beforehand by a good wisher. The Avengers are not leaving any stone unturned to avert the danger which is lurking around the gems. The cosmic war that ensues is one of a kind in the history. The Avengers fight tooth and nail and give Thanos a tough time. The war is what all the audience have been aspiring to watch. It’s a historical holocaust of sorts, the innocent creatures scurrying here and there, the concrete jungle of the cities turning to ashes, the sky dark with clouds of smoke, the atmosphere charged and booming with the volley of explosions all around, the final countdown to the deciding moment, it’s all too exciting to be described in words. The dynamic scenes, coupled with excellent photography and superb screenplay defines filmmaking at its zenith. Watch Avengers Infinity War online the much awaited moments and zero into the magnificent climax. You won’t repent spending a fortune on watching the mother of all action films.

The Avengers, meanwhile have been ignorant of his latest plans. A good wisher informs them and they are urged to be on their guard. They now realize that Thanos is on his way to the Earth and that too with a devilish mission lodged in his mind. As expected, the avengers develop a United Front to face Thanos.They are assisted in this mission by the Guardians, who have already had a face-off with the Ronan.

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