Daenerys Fires Back in “The Spoils of War” What else to expect in the Game of Thrones 4th Episode

Daenerys Fires Back in “The Spoils of War” What else to expect in the Game of Thrones 4th Episode

Game of Thrones: It always gets crazy prior to the release of a new episode of Game of Thrones and we are absolutely in high moods. At this point, we analyse the underlying facts that Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 The Spoils of War” is really captivating.  Game of Thrones is direct with its action without missing any step when it comes to entertainment. It’s now time for the fourth episode entitled “The Spoils of War” but what does this intrigue us to!

When Daenerys & Jon Snow Meet episode 2 (2017)Watch the space, the episode will unravel the epic war between Daenerys and Cersei, who are both highly recognized queens in the series. Many questions are asked about the scenes in the series as to whether they are the actual lines in the George R.R Martin’s book that is one of the bestselling books worldwide.  Apparently, the truth remains that the books are a fundamental stone when it comes to Game of Thrones series, but more scenes and content differ when it comes to the HBO series.

As earlier indicated by the directors, writers, and the producers, season 7 contains more content that is not in the original song of Ice and Fire. Therefore, expect more drama, romance, captivating moments and twists. Back to the forthcoming episode, some GOT fans desire to know what the caption ‘The Spoils of War’ mean, refer to, and why?
From the mastermind, The title The spoils of war literally means terminating the standard of a battle. As earlier speculated that episode 4 tackles the games between Daenerys and Cersei, this might indicate that Daenerys recover from her injuries and retaliated to the damage that Cersei and army did to Yara’s fleet, her team, and Highgarden.
From the paragraph above, we guess that the actual meaning of the phrase is clear.

What to expect in “The Spoils of War”
Judging from the teaser and pictures we have acquired, it just gets steamier as we try to understand the battles among the seven kingdoms. Just as you understand that Jon Snow spent the last episode at Dragonstone yet things seem to be out of hand in Winterfell, this is the actual part that we want to talk about. Except Daenerys asking for help from Snow stressing how she is losing it all, these two have not yet had a private time together. They are not married, but we guess the episode will highlight about that. From the teaser, Jon is observed lighting up a torch and heading down in a cave with Daenerys following. More will be observed later….

King’s Landing is still in jubilation moods with the fact that Highgarden with all its gold is in the hands of Cersei. Apparently, Jaime and Bronn were entrusted with the responsibility of mining the gold, but from the latest observations, Jaime might become a fraudster since he is seen hiding away some packs of gold.

Meanwhile Cersei is in major business deals emphasising her desire and remarkable power to control the continent. She says this to Tycho Nestoris who is one of the Iron Bank of Braavos. Cersei with no doubt thinks that she is thriving from all corners

Back to Jon Snow, much as we desire him to share a light moment with Daenerys, things might be out of hand in Winterfell. Brienne is captured drawing a sword in much vigour. There are many speculations that there is more trouble there. Sansa, who was left in charge is seen so different from the old Sansa we know. She was reading a book and it is expected that she might have read crucial information, whereas Lintlefinger is seen giving a creepy eye

Talking of the young love or crush or infatuation, Arya Stark rides her horse heading to Winterfell having no idea that her dream boy is somewhere else.

All around it all goes in Game of Thrones hitting and stabbing back and “The Spoils of War” we also treat us to a remarkable feast that will keep us anxious until the following episode of Game of Thrones.
“The Spoils of War” hits the theatres on August, 6, probably in USA, Germany, and Belgium featuring our old cast of heroes, traitors, warriors, savages, lovers, and sorcerers.

The unidentified episode 5 will follow later in this month

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