Dizzying Scenes of the Game of Thrones Accidentally Leaked By HBO

Dizzying Scenes of the Game of Thrones Accidentally Leaked By HBO

Game of Thrones: This is it, and so far, stories and glimpses are no more, we are actually digging deeper into the real Game of Thrones. Episode 5 of Game of Thrones bust out a bit of the secrets that have all along been underlying. It was truly astonishing and an indication of the jaw-dropping facts that we shall be treated to.

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Is is this really George R.R. Martin’s work? Yes, this is it. “Eastwatch” was the episode that made may turn their necks directly into the screen as the surprises couldn’t be contained.

If it’s math calculation and literature composition, Game of Thrones producers, directors and writers earn a distinction. The installment burst out the good or bad news about Cersei’s pregnancy. Is Jaime the true father?  The queen will now handle the political affairs together with her pregnancy. We wonder how the news would have been welcomed by Olenna.

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6 – Accidentally Leaked By HBO

The promo of episode 6 finally enlightened the location that was formerly sampled. It is a mountain and that is where Jorah Mormont, Tormund, Gendry, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, and Sandor Clegane led by Jon Snow are heading to.

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The battles that are to be fought in the coming two episodes are grand battles, but this one will be historical. Jon and his brothers are determined to erode the White Walkers from the face of the world, even when it requires devising alliances with the opposition.

It also looks like a dagger weapon that can kill the white walkers is around, but we wonder how this will all happen.

Jon already predicted that the Night King isn’t a threat to Winterfell alone, but a real threat to all the kingdoms. Due to the fact that Cersei appears to have a stronger military, Jon has decided to do anything that will wipe the dead army away

Capturing a white walker will be a living evidence to Cersei who is uncertain about the White Walkers’ existence

Also, Eastwatch made us witness Gendry’s return and above all a possible wedding between Rhaegar and Lyanna’s.

Waiting for the 6th episode that Already leaked?

game of thrones leaked 1It just gets hotter and hotter as the closing episodes are totally going to be smoky. The evolution of the matters in Winterfell that have their roots back then might create bad blood between the current re-united sisters. We have some facts that Sansa was forced to write a letter that Linttlefinger led Arya to. She is now in dismay and we wonder what she might do to Sansa who is currently unaware of the prevailing situation.

We all know that the words in the letter are Cersei’s but the handwriting is for Sansa. If things come to light, especially on Arya’s side, peace would be restored. This is Linttlefinger’s plot, but we are afraid that he might cause more damage for the fact that he knows that Arya possesses fighting power

Meanwhile, Arya’s transformation has got us thinking out loud. The memories of her father, Ned Stark are shinning out brighter currently. She has taken all the looks.

“Death is the Enemy” is the upcoming episode directed by Alan Taylor and will be released on August, 20. The seemingly outrageous episode is just an indication that winter is here. We have observed that the weather conditions have started becoming colder and that is one of the indications that the White Walkers aren’t far from.

Much as we expect major battles as we are closing the series’ 7th season, there are twists that will leave us astonished and some of which we have tasted in the last episode.

After the forthcoming episode, there would only be one episode to go. OHHHH….. this isn’t interesting sine things are starting to get stirred up. Thanks to George R.R Martin for his competent literature and the show’s producers who are tirelessly making Game of Thrones superb.

But on the other hand, amidst the cyber attack that befell HBO a few days back, there are clues that the upcoming episode was aired by mistake in Spain. The link was then later scrapped from the social media. Should we believe that this was the actual episode 6? we absolutely doubt about that.

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