Episode 4

Episode 4

Release Date: 6 August 2017

Premier    : April, 2017
TV Show    : Episode Name
Slogan    : The End Begins
Genre    : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Time    :  56min
Director:    : Matt Shakman
Writers:    :  David Benioff, George R.R. Martin
IMDb / 9.2:

Watch Game of Thrones season 7 Episode 4 online for free Game of either to win or to die is going to be quite interesting with its next installment in season 7, will soon get air on HBO. Fans could watch more exciting stuff in this episode after the all exciting happenings in the last installments like reunion for Sansa, reaching of Brienne and pod in castle black to meet Jon snow, returning back of jon snow not only in the show but also in the most dangerous game of survive and his oath for new lord commander.

In episode 4 fans could watch Osha’s attempt to kill ramsay but all get in vain as she got killed and left Rickon alone in the captivity of Ramsay. Ramsay sends the raven to Jon snow to tell him to surrender before him for the sake of Rickon.  In this episode even fan could see Theon back to home to get relies that his father is actually gone and he supports and even assures Yara at the Kingsmoot which is going to difficult for him after the return of their uncle Euron as their uncle is the man of zeal to rule but they both becomes hindrance for his uncle.  So fans could get much stuff for entertainment and excitement in 4th installment to season 7


Peter Dinklage - game of thrones season 7
Peter Dinklage
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Emilia Clarke
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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4
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by Christopher Richard on Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4
Game of Thrones “The Spoils of War” Review: Cersei VS Daenerys, who is hitting the ground?

It’s Game of Thrones and by the mere sound of Game of Thrones, it means that it’s time for battle, war, bloodshed, back-stabbing, betrayal, defeat, victory, romance, and life or death. This is the actual time to evaluate our upcoming episode and the Game of Thrones season 7 generally.

Those who are following the episodes, you must have noticed something that we reluctantly despised before Game of Thrones hit the air or had undermined how much it would go and that is Cersei’s plans and tricks.

The last episode “The Queen’s Justice” saw her take over Highgarden, kill and celebrate over lady Olenna Tyrell’s death, acquire more allies, become richer with the fact that Highgarden has gold, hand over poison to Tyene for her mother to watch as she dies among others. Observing from that, it looks like Cersei is on the top of the game and she is prevailing over the Iron Throne.

She is now signing new deals with every possible ally and she is now capable of paying off her debts to the Iron Bank of Braavos.

Daenerys lives in disbelief since Highgarden was captured along with Ellaria, Tyene, and Yara. Tyene might be no more by the end of the fourth episode since she was given poison. Daenerys feels defenseless at this point and that inspired her to ask for Jon Snow’s help since the missiles are all focusing on her.

From the latest teaser released for “The Spoils of War”, it looks like Jon Snow will have to spend some more time at Dragonstone before he heads back to Winterfell. This is actually good in disguise since the mother of dragons needs a strong shoulder to lean on. Game of Thrones fans, I guess you get the point.

If Jon Snow could agree to join forces with Daenerys, it could have weighed off some weight from her shoulders. Since Yara’s fleet was attacked, Daenerys and Tyrion came to realise that they need to change their tactics. It’s funny, but this made Daenerys to question her intelligent war strategies that have been in use all along.

In case all goes well with her army, Daenerys might save the gold that Cersei is already eyeing in Highgarden. Also about Daenerys army, her dragons are still the main war baton that she can count on for now, though they are also being threatened by Cersei

However, The Spoils of War episode might present Daenerys at the top of the game while Cersie hitting the ground.

Winterfell, it is not also safe since the teaser indicates that a new threat has emerged and it might be the all along known threat. The ‘White Walkers’ might have arrived, yet there is also a possibility that Brienne of Tarth might have challenged Tormund Giantsbane to a war and that is why her squire podrick fell on the ground.

In King’s Landing, Euron is now the prince after the victory and the last thing we had was a promise from Cersei to marry him. Meanwhile, Cersei has entrusted the Highgarden with its gold to Jaime and Bron. They are to manage the gold mining

Jorah is now better and decides to leave in search for Daenerys, we wonder what this would be all about. Ebrose has now forgiven Samwell and we hope that all will stay well between these two.

Back in Winterfell, Sansa happens to read a book and decides to change her mind, whereas Theon is heading in an unknown direction after surviving death in the sea.

“The Spoils of War” is directed by Matt Shakman and will be released on August 6.

On a sad note, HBO was Cyber attacked and lost much of its information to unidentified hackers. According to Vanity, the hackers got access to the HBO’s servers and acquired 1.5 terabytes of data. The information accessed is not yet fully identified, but what is known is that Game of Thrones script, the Actor’s information among others were taken.

This is the latest cyber attack to be experienced apart from those that were going on in the USA and around the world.

The hackers intentions are not fully known since the latest information shows that money is not the target

by Emilia on Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4
Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 online.

The official trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 has released that has filled the fans with excitement as the trailer for season 7 is full of dialogues from the previous seasons and lots of lines are spoken by the dead characters of last season that remind the viewers about the story happened so far.

Fans are curious to know about the plots and titles of the episodes of season 7 but yet these are not disclosed by the officials however Matt Shakman is going to direct the episode 4 of season 7 so fans are waiting to watch Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 online.

The information leaked out about this upcoming season of 7 episodes is sufficient to make viewers lunatic as even the show creators have revealed that this season of lesser episodes has more dose of fun , entertainment, fantasy and excitement for the viewers.

Leaks about the scenes like Daenerys acknowledge her father’s fallings, Robert Baratheon took pledge to take revenge from all Taragaryens are sufficient to give craving to the viewers for this season that will be air on 16th July, 2017.

Even there are twists like Cersei Lannister is getting against all the non-lannisters in which what name is of queen so it will be great to watch out their battle of enemity. Fans could enjoy the Joffery Cackles as in the trailer there is dialogue in which Joffery exclaims,” Ser IIyn bring me his head”. Which means in this season fans could watch starks and Lannisters as standout enemies of this season and Arya can even tick Cersei or Ser IIyn off her list.

Hence the dangerous game of either to win or to die seems to get more dangerous with its 7th installment in the series.