This is exactly what You have been waiting for- Game of Thrones 7: Episode 7

This is exactly what You have been waiting for- Game of Thrones 7: Episode 7

The Game of Thrones series comes to the end of this year’s planned entertainment that was a major theme of the year entitled as the 7th season. It has been 6 episodes down the road and the series haven’t disappointed many in any way. Based on George R.R Martin’s Book of A Song of Ice and Fire, the fantasy drama has managed to hold a strong position in the entertainment industry amid the chaos that ran over HBO in mid-July.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 – Title Easter Eggs and References

Game of Thrones 7 Episode 7 photoThe first episode was entitled “Dragoinston” directed by Jeremy Podeswa, who also directs the series’ last episode entitled “The Dragon and the Wolf” The series has had only 7 episodes as opposed to approximately 10 and more episodes that fans used to anticipate in the past. Nevertheless, the series has a styled finale with a superb denotation. Talking more about it, the finale of Game of Thrones series is going to be magnificent as expected by the fans. Have you seen the promo, pictures, or any glimpse of what is waiting for you? Let’s take you through the alluring series.

Why Everyone Hates Episode 6 – Game of Thrones Season 7

It’s obviously time for the Game of Thrones finale, which comes as the 7th episode. The episode is titled “The Dragon and the Wolf” directed by Jeremy Podeswa and written by David Benioff/ D. B. Weiss. Above all, the episode runs for more minutes than the former which depicts how packed it is.

Recalling the surprising events that have been falling before our eyes in the series, the Game of Thrones finale seems to be amending things up, not to please fans, but to bring out the distinctive nature of the series.The finale drops on 27, August, but before we finally come to the real end, here is what the promos and prevailing pictures include;
Jaime Lannister is seated beside Cersei ready to scrutinize something. From here, we believe that Jon has finally arrived to present the Wight to the queen as earlier demanded.

Ser Gregor Clegane being part of the team that headed beyond the wall, would this make any difference between the two kingdoms? The latest photos also depict Daenerys seated beside Jon Snow and this could arouse chemistry between these two characters since that’s what fans are yearning for. Many fans can’t help but reminisce about what might inspire between these two The latest evidence also shows that Jon wasn’t a brother to Lynna Stark, but a son.

This also leads to the belief that might spoil the thrill that fills the fans about Jon’s true parentage; that Daenerys as Jon’s aunt!. We wait for a clarification in the upcoming episode that drops exactly this week Who lives and who dies is the question right now since we all expect a major war that involves the Night King. The army of the dead is currently joined by Daenerys dragon which is seen as a major weapon for the White Walkers. The Night King looks at the dragon as a leverage and his cruelty might put an end to many big characters in the series.

Many viewers are anxiously waiting to find out the end of Cersei because from the look of facts, she is expected to play a major role in helping out with the white walkers.
The queen is also pregnant and this puts a pause in the minds of those who wanted her to kiss the dust at the end of this season. Is she among those to proceed to the 8th episode? This is unbelievable to some


Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Finale Trailer Breakdown

Will Bran expose the truth about Jon Snow?, Will Daenerys end up in a romance with Jon?, When is the extinction of the White Walkers? Who prevails over as the Iron Throne master? What about the Highgarden issues? And so many questions. The time is coming and that is 27 of August

As the seventh season wraps, the eighth season sets in expected to drop in 2019 or otherwise.

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