Game Of Thrones New Dragons’ Species Are Added As The New Species Of Beetles

Game Of Thrones New Dragons’ Species Are Added As The New Species Of Beetles

Everyone knows Game of Thrones is the epic fantasy series and has a great fan following across the globe but only few will be aware that this epic series has updated the list of scientists by adding the three new species of beetles that are named after the Dragons of the series.

Where on the one side fans are curious for the first premier of the Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1 in April on the other side scientists are also happy that this series has introduced three new beetles to them. Recently an entomologist by passion named Brett who is a great fan of this fantasy has announced that this series has updated his list of beetles in which 200 species were already written but now 3 more has been added after the three dragons of Daenerys named Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion.

Scientists have named these three species of the dragons that Drogon, Viserion, and Rahegal as the Drogoni, Viserioni, and Rhaegali respectively.These three new beetles belong to the genus Gymnetis and these orange featuring and evoking dragon fire species Drogoni and Viserioni can be found in Colombia and Equador and the third one named Rhaegali can be found in French Guiana.

Well, George RR Martin has created such a entertaining fantasy world for the people that it can allure anyone and even names used in the series are also popular as recently in 2017 it has been noticed that 300 baby girls were born in England and Wales were named after the popular character of the series that is Arya and even the names Khaleesi, Tyrion, Sansa and Breienne are also popular baby names that are taken from this series.  In the same manner Brett has also admitted that he is great fan of this Game of either Win or Die but is also fan of the names and species of the series, he also admitted that their discovery of life on earth is still ongoing and even every one after four living thing is the beetle but this series has discovered about some wonderful species of beetles that were not known to the world yet.

Ratcliffe has discovered more than two hundreds of species of beetles and many of them are named after his name but now as he is fan of this epic fantasy series thus although it was frowned upon to name the newly discovered beetles using the humor or pop culture but he wanted to harness the great popularity of this series to fetch the great attention of public towards his work  that is why he even revealed that when we create names like these then it becomes easy to get bit of notoriety and public attention so he named the three new species like these.

Thus, there is nothing wrong to admit that there is long chain if fans of the Game of Thrones naming craze including the scientists like Brett.


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