The red woman

The Red Woman

Release Date: May 05, 2016

Year    : May 05, 2016
By    : United Atates of America
Slogan    : «Some assembly required»
Genre    : Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure
Time    : 142 min. / 2:22
Budget    : $220 000 000
Age    : 18+
IMDb / 8.5:

The first episode reveals the fate of Jon Snow, Jaime has returned to the kind’s landing, Tyrion is left to oversee Meereen whereas Theon and Sansa flee from the Boltons. Much is revealed when Cersei gets to know about her daughter’s fate, Jorah and Daario pursue and Daernerys is held captive. Season six has a lot of original content and also holds content from the upcoming sixth novel of “The Winds of Winter”, a dance with Dragons and a feast for crows

The viewers of this series have been increasing since the release of the first season. The tvseries has won many awards including the outstanding drama series. Season 6 has ten episodes with a lot of drama. It is also known as the Red Woman. The movie has already been released in April 2016 and so far there has been a warm welcome for it. It is an adventure, drama, fantasy and romance movie directed by Jeremy Podeswa and written by George R.R Martin. The movie is also based on “a song of ice and fire” which is done by Benioff David.

The shooting of this movie was in Canada, Croatia, Spain and Iceland and each episode had a cost of over $10 million. The viewers increase each time and this is due to the cast, plots and the developments included in each season. For the sixth episode, 96% have approved the movie with also positive critics and showing interest in watching it.


Peter Dinklage - game of thrones season 7
Peter Dinklage
Sophie Turner - game of thrones season 7
Sophie Turner
Emilia Clarke - game of thrones season 7
Emilia Clarke
Iain Glen - game of thrones season 7
Iain Glen
Kit Harington - game of thrones season 7
Kit Harington
Maisie Williams in game of thrones season 7
Maisie Williams
Lena Headey - game of thrones season 7
Lena Headey
Nikolaj Coster in game of thrones season 7
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau



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