Episode 2 Home

Release Date: May 05, 2016

Year    : May 05, 2016
By    : HBO
Title    : «GOT»
Genre    : Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure
Time    : 59min
Budget    : $220 000 000
Age    : 18+

Game of thrones is the fantasy drama came with the complete entertainment package for the fans with the 6th installment and second episode under the title “HOME”.

Fans liked the episode of fantasy and return of Bran in this episode. However the name of episode gives illusion that it might be packed with the feeling of family and love but the reality of episode is different thn this as in the episode greed of people has been highlighted and the idea about killing and move up from the relatives to grind your axe.

Episode is based on the summary that Bran get training under the guidance of three-eyed Raven. Tommen received advice from the Jaime and the interesting twist that Tyrion get creative to find the good news. Even the episode put light on several proposal heard by Balon Grevjoy and the entry of Ramsay with the new plan.

We must say that it is the another packed installment in the Fantasy of Game that is created either to win or die with the expected characters. As compared to its pre episode this one is packed with full energy, fresh stuff and complete entertainment package for the audience.

It is great answer for the off- season rumors for the show and its characters like Cersei Lannister and even in the episode fate of Jon Snow has also been revealed although it was expected but still great view.


Peter Dinklage - game of thrones season 7
Peter Dinklage
Sophie Turner - game of thrones season 7
Sophie Turner
Emilia Clarke - game of thrones season 7
Emilia Clarke
Iain Glen - game of thrones season 7
Iain Glen
Kit Harington - game of thrones season 7
Kit Harington
Maisie Williams in game of thrones season 7
Maisie Williams
Lena Headey - game of thrones season 7
Lena Headey
Nikolaj Coster in game of thrones season 7
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau



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