Book of the stranger

The Broken Man

Release Date: May 05, 2016

Year    : May 05, 2016
Writer    : George R.R. Martin
Genre    : Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure
IMDb / 8.5:

Watch Game Of Thrones Season 6 The Broken Man Free to recall your memories of this wonderful episode of the season that leaves the fans with the motto save the best for last.

Episode was having lots of surprise and twists for the fans as it was quite a lot for the first 40 minutes of the show but this quietness get vanish in the last few scenes when the things got changed and turned crazy.

The girl no more and the Arya stark took her place and struts confidently down the streets and tossing bags of gold at sea captain that make fans realized that she was lion not wolf. Arya is shown nimbler than her brother that is why she flange her bloodied body over the bridge and into the canal below. However the fans believe it was too early for the end of Arya but her many episodes of her training in braavos and flight with Westeros but there was surprise for the fans about survival of Arya.

After the big surprise of Arya’s survival next best story in the episode was about the riverlands. This was the land of Catelyn Tully which was savaged by the horrors of war. Stream Game Of Thrones Season 6 The Broken Man Free if you miss the moment of king’s landing As Tyrell is playing a long con on the high sparrow and he pretends that his new queen is playing him for a fool. So the game of thrones came into action for to win or to die.


Peter Dinklage - game of thrones season 7
Peter Dinklage
Sophie Turner - game of thrones season 7
Sophie Turner
Emilia Clarke - game of thrones season 7
Emilia Clarke
Iain Glen - game of thrones season 7
Iain Glen
Kit Harington - game of thrones season 7
Kit Harington
Maisie Williams in game of thrones season 7
Maisie Williams
Lena Headey - game of thrones season 7
Lena Headey
Nikolaj Coster in game of thrones season 7
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau



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