Episode 1

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Episode 1

Release Date: April 2019

Premier    : 14 April 2019
TV Show    : Episode #8.1
Slogan    : Emotionally Torturous
Genre    : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Running Time    :  over an hour
Director:    : David Nutter
Writers:    : David Benioff & D. B. Weiss
IMDb / 9.2:

Watch Online Game of Thrones (season 8) Episode 1

The Game is back and so is the challenge and thrill associated closely with it. Be ready for 6 thrilling episodes which ride the wave of adventure and peril with perfection. The battle that has continued since the inception of the series surges on with equal fury and fervor. The fierce competition for the throne rages like fire which threatens to engulf the once peaceful land and the population.

The previous seasons have made the conditions which led to the battle really clear. The current episodes are no less on the thrilling factor. The basic war conditions continue as the two sides again draw the battle lines. This time, the battling parties are the nine noble families, who wish to lay their claim on the mythical land of Westeros. But they are unaware that a deadly enemy who has been dormant for decades has resurfaced. They are busy quarreling among themselves when they have apprised of the situation that the real war is yet to be seen and felt. As the common enemy resurfaces, it is time to reunite, albeit reluctantly,to counter the imminent danger that looms large over all of them. So watch them forget their differences and give a tough time to the enemy in question. The legacy of war continues to rage the battlefields and charge the lands with the fire of revenge.

The cast continues

Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, and Kit Harington will continue to charm you with their tales of war and passion.Perfect enactment of emotions  sync perfectly with the storyline of the series.

Release details

A teaser has just been released but the anxious fans will have to put up with patience till the sun rises on 28 th April 2019. Be content with watching the spoilers instead. The next six weeks will be spent poring over the magnificent series which will be the highlight of the year. And the great battle,  the highlight of the series will set the temperature soaring in the third episode. No, the war will not consume the nobility of the aristocrats in the concluding episode.Be ready for some spice, a lot of drama and of course tons of periodic violence. The fierce battle between the Westeros and White Walker ensues. But the sad news is that it will last only for 6 episodes. The season will spell the end of the series as it is the grand finale this time. The eighty-minute episode will cast a spell of euphoria and before you know it, you will be breathing, eating and sleeping Game of Thrones.

The series hads been directed by David Nutter, Miguel Sapochnik, David Benioff and  DB Weiss.SKY Atlantic and NOW TV will be simultaneously broadcasting the magnum opus. Dave Hill, Bryan Cogman, David Benioff and  DB Weiss have provided the script for the same.

Be ready for the adaptation of The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. We assure you that the series will not stop short of entertaining you to the maximum. The trailers seem to emphasize the fact. The treat will be perfect for the eyes and ears which are bored stiff of  modern science fiction series.




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