Episode 2

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Episode 2

Release Date: April 2019

Premier    : 21 April 2019
TV Show    : Episode 2
Slogan    : Emotionally Torturous
Genre    : Action, Adventure, Drama
Running Time    : 58min
Director:    : David Nutter
Stars:    : Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage
Writers:    : David Benioff & Bryan Cogman

IMDb / 9.2:

Watch Online Game of Thrones (season 8) Episode 2

Game of Thrones (season 8) Episode 2 Full Episode: Airs 21 April 2019, The story of Game of Thrones is basically on the struggles of the realm’ noble families and this struggle are for the Iron Throne. This series started in the year 2011, to be exact the series started on April 17 and in the year 2011. And now it is time for its conclusion. This concluding season is the eighth season. And hence it is the most awaited season. So the eighth series is yet to be launched in April 2019. The series of Game of Thrones are all based on fantasy but the producer has made real efforts to make it more historical rather than being fantasy. This drama is based on a song of ice and fire. This drama follows three story arcs in all. Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms is the first arc of the drama. There are many conflicts among the dynasties for conquering the throne. Then talking about the second arc of the drama which highlights on the last descendant of the throne. But he is planning a return back to his home because he has been exiled. Then finally coming to the third arc of the drama which follows brotherhood and hence the realm defends against the ancient threats of people who are fierce by nature. So the last season is expected to be full of thrill and excitement and hence concluding the whole series. With the release of this last season, the most hit HBO programme will come to an end.

The second episode of Game of Thrones season 8 shows that Jon Snow who has been struggling for his identity finally pays a visit to his mother whose name is Lyanna and also his uncle whose name is Ned Stark. Daenerys asks Jon what was wrong with him when she suspects that something was wrong with him. After her asking Jon about what was wrong, Jon tells her that he is not Jon Snow and also tells that Jon Snow is what people believe and is a lie. But she gets confused on this statement and then asks Jon to clarify his statement, but instead of clarifying the statement Jon moves away and does not respond to her.

After this Daenerys also walks out and then Jorah asks her what happened to her and what was the issue they were discussing down in the crypt. On this Daenerys, the reply was she is unfamiliar with Jon’s behavior and does not know what is wrong with him. She also thinks that Jon has been hiding something from her and after all this conversation she says that she is not feeling well and on this Jorah suggests her to have a medical examination by Master Wolkan.

All such scenes have made the season more thrilling for the fans. People who are fond of this drama are eagerly looking forward to the season to launch. As this is all they are waiting for and are looking forward to the release of the last season. This drama though is getting concluded but will be a big success.




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