Episode 3

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Episode 3

Release Date: April 2019

Premier    : 28 April 2019
TV Show    : Episode #8.3
Slogan    : Emotionally Torturous
Genre    : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Running Time    :  over an hour
Director:    : David Nutter
Writers:    : David Benioff & Bryan Cogman

IMDb / 9.2:

Watch Online Game of Thrones (season 8) Episode 3

Season 8 Games of Thrones: Episode 3 will feature the biggest battle of the entire show.


We all are waiting for the ‘The Long Night’ which is almost here. Season 7 Game of Thrones ends with an epic ending which showed ‘The Night King’, its army, and Ice dragon broke down ‘The wall’.

The details from the GOT season 8 are starting to emerge. No doubt, it keeps on surprising us every small detail whether it is trailer or teaser. However, this time we should congratulate the showrunners on keeping the spoilers under control. For the first time, everyone has very little or no clue that would be coming for the final episodes which never happened in the previous seasons. This lack of information is making this season even more huge and the fans are pretty much very excited to see the final season.

Just in case, you could not be more hyped and excited for the final season of Game Of Thrones than you already are, there is more to add to this excitement. Game of throne Season 8 Episode 3 will feature the biggest battle on the entire show’s history and potentially it is going to be 90 minutes long. Not only that, it is definitely going to the longest recorded battle in any TV series, beating the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers behemoth Battle of Helm’s Deep. No doubt, this time it is going to be best and better. Now you know, we are going to witness a battle, so you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed the cast and crew of Game of Thrones, they confirmed that Season 8 will definitely feature an episode-spanning battle, dubbed the battle of Winterfell.

This time the entire team of Thrones has worked tirelessly. Almost 750 cast and crew worked for 11 weeks and in the most freezing conditions. Entertainment Weekly interviewed the cast and crew and actor  Rory McCann says, ‘Everyone of us prays that we have never had to do this again.’, he plays the character of the Hound. Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark teases by saying, ‘rumor has it, it is ninety minutes long.’

We know it is definitely going to be worth watching. We might even know what to expect because the director ‘Miguel Sapochnik’ is behind the cameras. As we had already seen the ‘Battle of the bastards’ and how everything was filmed, idea, plan, and execution were perfect. He has only confirmed that he has directed two episodes in season 8 of GOT which are Episode 3 and 5.

You can mark April 28 on your calendars, because it is sure that we are getting the biggest Battle of Winterfell on this date. HBO might not be happy definitely about us being able to pinpoint exactly when we will witness the final battle. It is because actor Vladimir Furdik The Night King has already revealed that the biggest battle is arriving in episode 3 of the final season. Still, there are some days but not so long to witness the epic battle and surely the epic season




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