Game of Throne Season 7: Episode 3 Centered around Jon Snow and Daenerys Targayen

Game of Throne Season 7: Episode 3 Centered around Jon Snow and Daenerys Targayen

The month of July 2017 began in the most spectacular way and so shall it end that way. After the release of the first episode “Dragonstone”, the second episode followed on 23 July and this has stirred the air after it proved that there must be a fantasy scene of Game of Thrones Season 7 most loved characters that are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targayen. This is obvious and lets the hearts of many skip a bit.

Game of Throne Season 7: Episode 3 Official Trailer “Jon Meets Khaleesi”

What led to that?

Stormborn was the previous episode (2nd) released and in it, more light was shone into the dilemma that was created upon the release of the first episode “Dragonstone”. The first episode gave us a fresh start of the series in which the mother of dragons (Daenerys) landed on her ancestral land along with her team plus the dragons.

The White Walkers were also marching towards the Wall and Cersei isn’t settled until all turn to her side or they fall as she watches. The second episode “Stormborn” was such an interesting one exactly as fans wished it to be. Part of the synopsis, Dornishmen is sent by Daenerys to join Yara’s fleet to Sunspear and as far as we know she withholds from setting her feet on the King’s Landing yet intending to send a siege. Part of that, she strictly confronts Varys over the suspected betrayal like in the other kingdoms. As she still holds her grounds, Melisandre arrives and informs her about the prophecy that involves her and Jon Snow. This is now the most delighting scene so far anticipated in episode 3.

What to expect in episode 3?

When Daenerys & Jon Snow Meet episode 2 (2017)

Episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice” has got us thinking our heads offs. First and foremost, the latest speculations show that it is centred around Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. This is because episode 2 ended when Jon began his journey to meet Daenerys over the issue of the White Walkers. The alliance is expected to produce more good and is expected to be bigger than the superficial feelings that the two may share in common. Part of the speculations stand that Jon will also try to attain Daenerys’ permission over the dragon glass mines the Jon is interested in. This is in Dragonstone and as far as you know, despite the threats that linger in the seven kingdoms, it is high time that these two build a fundamental or a substantial relationship.

Another main character in episode 3 is Cersei, but however, we highly speculate the “The Queen’s Justice” will be revealed from Cersei or Daenerys. Episode 2 wrapped when Cersei had obtained an idea “Ballista” from Qyburn that can destroy the dragons. Cersei is determined to destroy Daenerys, team, and her dragons for good since they pose as one of the biggest threat to Cersei’s throne. Once Daenerys and the White Walkers are ended, Cersei will celebrate a remarkable triumph. Nevertheless, Daernerys has an eagle eye and will stand tall as ever

When to expect Game of Thrones Season 7: Episode 3?

When Daenerys & Jon Snow Meet

“The Queen’s Justice” is to be released on July, 30, by HBO. The episode is written by the Showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and directed by Mark Mylod.
Episode 3 will continue to unravel the twist and lows of the Game of Thrones. Jaime, the queen’s (Cersei) advisor might have learnt a lot from his past actions. Could this lead to a change? That will be explained by watch Game of Throne season 7 episode 3 online on this fan site.
Also Cersei returned the gift and Daenerys holds a meeting. What will come out of all this? Watch out Game of Thrones fans.

Reactions so far Quite interesting and as usual, Game of Thrones series manages to gain a step ahead of all the other series. There have been jaw breaking scenes and as well as astonishing, especially Ed Sheeran’s scenes. Who knew, that the talented English singer and son-writer can do more than in music only.

His scenes are the talk of the town and many are wondering how the directors could give such a lovely man the cruel scenes. However, the air has been cleared that Ed Sheeran won the scenes with the fact that he could sing.  This is actually building his talent and let’s wait for the coming cameos. The viewers are increasing ever since the first episode was released as indicated by Rotten omatoes.

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