Game Of Thrones Continues And So Does The Adventure

Game Of Thrones Continues And So Does The Adventure

It is both unbelievably startling as well as undoubtedly obvious when Game of Thrones Season 8 comes out to be the most popular on-demand show of 2018 despite airing a single episode of the same. The series is based on the fantasy work of George R.R. Martin’s.


The Game of Thrones series had seven seasons with a total of 67 episodes which were aired on HBO channel previously and it enjoyed to be the top-ranked show throughout. The last episode of season 7 was aired in August 2017 and more than a year has passed that the last season of the show has not been aired. The HBO released a teaser of the show on December 6, 2018 which rose the excitement and speculation levels of the people. Another teaser was released on December 17, 2018 which shows the entire background of Bran Stark being discussed by himself.


Many reasons can be attributed to the popularity of the show. The prime ones are an amazing storyline that keeps its viewers glued to their television sets, the effortlessly talented star cast of the show which makes all the characters seem real, the unbeatable sound tracks or background scores,and use of the top level CGI in its production. However, the show has been criticized too for nudity and violence, Additionally, a lot of merchandise is promoted during the off season. Besides, there are many communities which keep pouring in details and discussing about the Game of Thrones last season as well as shares all the latest news and updates that keeps the hype of the show maintained. The show is always the talk of discussion among its viewers.


The audience of the show will finally be relaxed when the much awaited last season of the series will be aired from April 2019. The teaser of  Game of Thrones season 8 Episode 1  has created many speculations and thoughts as well as expectations in the minds of its audience. Although, the teaser makes the conclusion quite evident, still, it is believed that it may be a way to mislead the audience to surprise them when they actually witness the show from April. Whatever the case may be, the series has garnered much love of the audience and it is all well deserved.

Now, the entire eyes and minds of the audience rest on the web pages to get insights about the show’s last season as HBO has aired its two teasers. The audiences are rooting to enjoy the last season of the episode which will come with its own twists and turns in the plot bringing along a lot of entertainment, suspense, drama, and spice.

The final wait will reveal whether all the hype and speculations rounding the show including the expectations of the audience match to the mark or not. The question that rests on everyone’s mind is that whether the show will be able to pull of its much-created image in the last season giving a satisfying end to its viewers or not.

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