Game of Thrones Season 7: Episode 3; the Meeting, the Killing, & the Revenge

Game of Thrones Season 7: Episode 3; the Meeting, the Killing, & the Revenge

The Queen’s Justice” was released, landed in theatres on 30, July and it was perfect as ever. This wraps the July month in action since we are bale to continue with the Stormborn fan before we head to the “The Spoils of War” in August.

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Game of Thrones Season 7: Episode 3 As the storm swept in the 2nd episode of Game of Thrones season 7, so has it swept again, but this time round determining some of the main character’s destiny. Olenna Tyrell rocked the episode as she finally settled her junky waves with only a glass of poison in the form of red wine. The master planner right from season 1 might see her end in this third episode of season 7. Was it worth or not?, she had been a silent villain only spreading her true colors behind the curtains watch Game of Thrones Season 7: Episode 4 online

Cersei might have enjoyed the moment with the fact that Tryell was behind the poisoning of King Joffrey in season 4. That marked the end of the old devil from the Game of Thrones series. Also Cersei was amazed by Euron’s gift and promised to do the same for him in the future

Looking at the queen of the seven kingdoms (Cersei), she is heading for the glory of her Queenship despite the old prophecy that may come to pass or not. Though Cersei may present herself as a happy and determined queen, there are dark forces that rage within her. Since the death of her son and father Tywin, Cersei has never been the same.

Cersei is now left to work for her reign despite the prophecy that indicates that her time will come to pass and never be remembered for anything good. A suitable replacement will reign over the kingdom and set things right. Cersei is currently taking Jaime’s shoulder as an escape gate from the misery and trouble that consumes her.

As the 2nd Episode wrapped with Tyene, Ellaria, and Yara, being overaided, Ellaria now stands at the mercy of Cersei who is taking revenge on her for the misery she had to bear. Part of the scene shows Cersei in a cell where Ellaria is locked up with her daughter. Unfortunately Tyene did not make it as she was poised by the terrible queen

On the other hand, Daenerys and Jon Snow have come to a conclusion about Jon’s request. Jon Snow won over Daenerys trust to take over the dragonglass for mining purposes. Daenerys and Jon Snow’s meeting was the main scene of the episode, not undermining others.

Though Daenerys seemed to be independent and that’s how she loves it, Jon emphasises the need for a coalition due to the Night King and Cersei, who are the main threats for all the kingdoms. Daenerys’ action and decision aren’t finalised with the fact that her army is declining gradually due to the attacks she has sustained in the past.

It is still a devastating period after Ellaria, Tyene and Yara were captured while others killed. Tyrion Lannister got a chance to interact with Jon after a long time.

Tyrion must devise a new plan in case he will have to fight and take the victory home with his army.

Well, Arya is on her way back fantasising about meeting Jon Snow the love of her life. She (Arya) is gracing the internet like a hero with her killing techniques. Arya is unaware that that Jon travelled, leaving Sansa in charge. Littlefinger has great plans for Arya and that is left to be seen since Arya proves to be smarter with time.

Predictions for the coming episode

  • Arya might kill Littlefinger

  • Euron’s victory will remain substantial to win him more favors

  • The White Walkers’ attack

  • Cersei’s venom will spread widely

Judging from “The Queen’s Justice” Game of Thrones is still at the top of the game. More win, more disappointments, most devastating scenes are yet to come. The Queen’s Justice was fulfilled to the fullest in the third episode after the death of one of the leading characters. The episode revolved around Cersei since she was one of the big beneficiaries of the episode.

Daernerys had to deal with the catastrophe that swept over her team even though she received a guest from Westeroes

The Spoils of War”, episode 4, will be released on August 6 and it is directed by Matt Shakman. Despite being a silent director, Matt’s episodes have always continued the fire within the Game of Thrones series.

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