The Game of Thrones Season 7 wraps up soon, but the intensity is beyond explanation!

The Game of Thrones Season 7 wraps up soon, but the intensity is beyond explanation!

Game of Thrones Season 7: I suppose winter’s finale in here, but do we have the power to say good bye anticipated to our favourite TV series? I had someone say; ‘good bye is the saddest word’ and truly as we get to the finale of Game of Thrones, we just can’t say goodbye yet.

Game of Thrones Season 7 – DID NIGHT KING SET A TRAP?

Game of Thrones concludes with only 7 episodes and the 7th episode is set to be aired within a few days. It has been chaotic, messy, interesting, dramatic, war and so on, but still we have to close the series.

Episode 6 of Game of Thrones had its own tales, but the fact is that it was extremely fascinating despite of the war that was showcased. Tyrion advises Daenerys about the coming negotiations with Cersei. As Jon Snow along with his fellows went to capture a wight, yea… tables were turned at one point and the rocky road had to be walked.

Good enough Jon with his team captured the wight and as they made their way out of the mountainous and icy region, the Night King fully illustrated his power making it impossible for the team to escape. In retaliation, Jon asks Gendry to return to Eastwatch and send a raven to Daenerys for help.

It was all successful, but the war is fought amidst life threatening weather conditions. Unfortunately, Thoros loses his life due to the unbearable conditions. Finally, Daenerys with her dragons arrive to help Jon, and in an intense battle, one of Daenerys dragons is struck by an ice spear from the White Walker’s king and it eventually dies. We see history being made here

Daenerys flies off with another dragon without saving Jon and a sorrowful moment comes in. Benjen Stark surrenders himself for Jon’s survival. How patriotic!!.

Fire is along the way now that the Night King has made one of Daenerys dragon “Viserion” one of his army

At last, Jon meets Daenerys and above all he is hailed king in the North. More from the 6th episode “Beyond the Wall” left us extremely suspicious of how things may turn awful at Winterfell. Littlefinger’s plans seem to be paying off and the reunited sisters (Arya and Stark) might end up slaughtering themselves in case they fail to realize the underlying traitor.

When does Game of Thrones finale drop?

It’s going to be the 7th episode “The Dragon and the Wolf” of season 7 and it is one of the most anticipated episodes to ever be released by Game of Thrones producers. The episode drops on 27, August, which is a Sunday and it is expected to last for 80 minutes

What to expect in the finale?

Fire and ice or you can simply call it an epic battle of the year. We are anxiously waiting for Daenerys to meet up with her dragon that is now alive, but totally in a different version. Will it recognize her?

As for Jon Snow, there is only one battle that he desires to end and for other threats, they are currently in a box

Cersei continues with her plans and this time around, we wait to see what takes the floor after she killed a batch of characters including Margaery her daughter in law.

About Jon’s true parentage; will Bran inform our dear actor about his true parents, and will it totally surprise us or as formerly predicted

The White Walkers- Yes, they are coming with ice arrows and most of us are looking towards to this deadly war.

Vandalizing Information about Game of Thrones

The hackers hijacked Game of Thrones information and they have deliberately leaked multiple information, including the series unaired episodes. Currently, the hackers are threatening to leak the finale episode.

Much as the Game of Thrones producers are pulled into this chaotic mess, they completely sidelined themselves from the hackers.

The concerned IT teams are conducting their research about the matter, but the GOT is 100% executing its plans. That has been the seventh season of Game of Thrones; totally chaotic and full of surprises.

Watch out for the forthcoming episode streaming live and witness the drawbacks and who owns victory

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