Game of Thrones Season 8 Release Date Revealed

Game of Thrones Season 8 Release Date Revealed

Soon, in this April wait of the Game of Thrones’ fans is going to end as the HBO has revealed the exact date for the first premier of this show that is 14 of April means finally the time is getting closer when we all could return to the Westeros. It is the official announcement that Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1 will air on 14th April 2019, so the countdown begins now to enjoy the final installment of this popular fantasy.

Countdown Begins

Along with the release of the final date for this upcoming season, there are the ton of other Nuggets reported by the spoilers that could give you some idea about the upcoming show full of excitement, action, thrill, and entertainment. As this is the final season of the series so we can expect something different and deciding in this final show so we will see someone finally take the place on the Iron of the throne and will win the game of either to win or to die.

In this final season fans can enjoy the biggest battle between the humans and the Army of dead that breached the wall last season and even in this season some mysteries will get sorted out like there will be revealed that Daenerys is actually Aunt of Jon Snow means it will be interesting to watch the reaction of Jon Snow when he came to know about his Aunt.  Secondly, the viewers could watch the final and deciding clash between humans and the Army of the dead which is expected to be the most sustainable action sequence of ever made shows and films of the TV. The episode 1 of season 8 will open at Winterfell with the arrival of Daenerys and her army and even as per the footage released by HBO fans can enjoy the meet of Sansa and Daenerys and it depicts about the Dany, Ser Jorah Mormont and the Jon Snow reaching the Winterfell and is welcomed by Sansa.

Furthermore, fans can enjoy the six episodes of this season that have the length and sufficient entertainment so the fans can have the feel of big-budget standalone movies. In the recent interview chief executive of HBO Richard Plepler revealed that all episodes of the season 8 are like 6 movies so having sufficient stuff for the fans to enjoy. Some facts have revealed that it took almost 10 months to shoot everything and the estimated cost per episode is $15 million means $90 million for total season 8, so this time the directors of this fantasy series has prepared something special for the viewers so that they could enjoy a lot by watching the final installment of this series. All in all, the announcement of the final date for the premiere of the first episode of this season 8 has filled the fans with happiness and excitement as all want to see that who actually will win this battle and will get the iron throne.

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