The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Running Time Have Been Reportedly Released

The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Running Time Have Been Reportedly Released

Now there is only waiting time of few hours that could keep the fans away from the game of thrones which is about to cap off the series with its last season 8. Running time for the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 has been officially revealed by the HBO. This fantasy series is going to give something more entertaining to its fans with all six episodes of the final installment and even it has been predicted that two-thirds of this show’ final season potentially going above and beyond the longest current episodes of the series.

As per the reports first two episodes of the season 8 are set at the  Running time of 60 minutes but the rest final four episodes are of 80 minutes. If the commercials will be taken into account then each episode is having span 90 minutes on air, which is the longest time span among all the episodes of last season of the series. It is really great news for the fans as they could enjoy more in longer runtimes and could even expect how long all the episodes will last and how long will be the fight scenes in all episodes of the final season. As per the reports this time viewer’s can stream the show for 440 minutes in total so obviously can enjoy more.

The news of all time high runtimes of the final season has actually made the fans happy and their wait for the final season worth, however, fans are not happy that the series is going to end with this season 8 but their curiosity to watch the final show is at peaks.

From last nine years fans are enjoying this show so it is obvious to feel sad that the series is going over as the fans are having the same feeling which we generally have when we finish any interesting book after reading but the promos and the longer runtimes are giving satisfaction to fans as this time they can enjoy more in more time with more interesting stuff.

This time directors of this fantasy have tried to serve something special and extraordinary with some extraordinary actions, battles and entertaining stuff.  With this final installment, viewers could get the answers of all their curious questions about the victory in the battle of bastards, deaths, and survivals of the fight at the end so this is a quite satisfactory fact for the fans.

However, the fans have to wait for few days to get the answer of their questions as right now the HBO is keeping everything secret but their curiosity is at cloud nine after watching the promo clip and the other teasers of season 8.  All news that has been officially released by HBO about this dangerous game of either to win or to die have ignited the spark of curiosity among fans so for them it has become difficult to wait for few days till the episode 1 of season 8 air on finally.

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