HBO Hackers on Rampage: President and CEO Richard Plepler could be the main target

HBO Hackers on Rampage: President and CEO Richard Plepler could be the main target

Internet fell into inertia when news broke out that HBO had been hacked and the Game of Thrones scripts plus crucial files among others had been stolen. The GOT fans were completely perplexed with possibilities that the ongoing episode release would be compromised. Surprisingly, the concrete GOT programs continue unless unless otherwise

The hackers threatened (still threatening) to leak various information that included the upcoming Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5 . News doing rounds depicts that much of the information has been sent to different social media sites such as Reddit, TV channels and highly recognized information sources

Apparently, episode 5 “Eastwatch” of Game of Thrones has been leaked on Reddit. The leaked episode consists of the planning programs that were to be executed plus more confidential information

According to Hollywood news, hackers managed to forge the CEO’s email address and get access to the various information possibly 1.5 TB.

HBO president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Richard Plepler is seen as the main target for the hackers, however much the hackers emerge with a plan of leaking Game of Thrones related information.

HBO is currently one of the most successful network with worldwide connections. It is also a stand-alone when it comes to entertainment services. Despite Netflix’s success, many other network service providers have merged with HBO

Richard Plepler’s intellectual skills have earned him a big identity which is seen as the target. HBO is behind Game of Thrones plus Big Little Lies which are both rallying in terms of viewers

According from the insiders, Plepler’s email book must have been stolen to access his passwords and all that. The HBO officials also claim that the stolen information patronised as Richard Plepler’s information belongs to the former HBO CEO

It is really a critical situation and one of the biggest setbacks HBO has faced in years

In an official statement to the public, HBO confirmed the hacking news, but said nothing much about the gigantic matter.

What comes next?

The hackers (still not identified) demand a ransom to stop leaking more information. The latest news from the hackers themselves claim that HBO officials have handed them a huge cash to stop leaking the information

Recently, the baffled HBO executives informed the media that competent IT companies are working on the issue and necessary action will be taken. On the other hand, Richard Plepler is scheduled to be among the main speakers at the Ignition event due in November

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Game of Thrones executives promised several spin-offs after the last 8th season of the series and apart from that, showrunners David Benioff and W. B. Weiss are working on a new project that is expected to fill the space after Game of Thrones

Where does episode 5 of Game of Thrones lie?

Eastwatch” was scheduled to be released on Sunday, 13, August and there hasn’t any change in the program Much as the script was leaked, many Game of Thrones fans haven’t seen it yet which is a good fact to note This supposedly will keep the fan’s eagerness straight on the series It isn’t yet known whether the stolen information contains other unaired episodes of Game of Thrones, which might severely harm the series’ reception and viewership Containing the so far released information is seen as a potential solution to the leaked data or else a lot of damage will be facedMeanwhile, on 13, Winter will rapture again as we continue with the Game of Thrones series.

. It is even an extraordinary season with the fact that she is seen alongside her team smartly dressed in new attires. A true indication of her royalness and powerCersei is battling something deeper within her. She believes that emerging as the a powerful queen will settle the waves that rave within herThere is a question mark for Jaime’s royal-ship to Cersei much as the same is posed to Bronn Arya and Sansa reunite only to face diverse challenges

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