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The Game Of Thrones has been a source of inspiration, entertainment and numerous discussions at the same time. The fantastic series had viewers glued to their screens. After successfully running for seven consecutive seasons, the eighth season is all set to be aired anytime now.

The same was announced in July 2016, But hold on, we have got something new to share. Unlike the first few seasons, which comprised of more episodes, this season will only run for six episodes. The storyline will also be doing away with the previous content. In fact, it will be an adaptation of The Winds of Winter and A Dream Of Spring. The grand premiere will take place on 8th April 2019. Well, keep your fingers crossed as this is going to be the final season of the series. We know you will miss it, but everything good has to come to an end. Another set of commonly used phrased says that good things come in small packages , hence our final piece comes in a set of six episodes. But you might not necessarily lose out on a great deal of entertainment as the episodes could be longer. The viewers can expect a length of 80 minutes. Wow, isn’t that incredible? 80 minutes of warfare, regality and period action. Well, it will surely go down well with the period saga lovers.

For the script part, if you think you are going to get a fair idea of the storyline, you are mistaken. Everyone is keeping it as a closely guarded secret and the storyline will only become clear when the series is aired. So don’t try to search every nook and corner for the script. It is useless to do so.  The fans have been left in the dark and they have no option but to wait until the release.

The battle ground is set for the war

Game of Thrones (season 8) entails coming together of a heterogeneous set of characters to give a tough time to their common enemy.

Get ready for the battle

With the game of thrones on the cards, can the battle be far behind? Of course not. The glorious battle is the lifeline of the series. War and Winterfell have become synonymous as various armies unite to form a common alliance against the Army of the Dead. Naturally, a lot of chaos follows the catastrophe. If you specifically want to know the exact episode in which the battle will happen, we have information about that. The battle will start in the third episode and continue to rage across all the three remaining episodes. Obviously, the central theme of the series is the war and one cannot and should not wait too long for it.

Who will be seen and who will be absent?

For the fans who are speculating about which characters will make it to the final season and who will be given a miss, we have got all the information. Looks like the despicable Cersei will be back ,although many would be wanting otherwise. The Bitch may not be seen any longer. Jon and Dan will most probably be there. Jamie is very much there and the eternal question remains hanging just there-Will he reconcile with Cersei or not. It seems that the chances of the former are brighter. New additions might be seen in the form of a poor boy who has to struggle for everything in life.

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