The Intricated Matters of the HBO Hack- The Current Situation is alarming

The Intricated Matters of the HBO Hack- The Current Situation is alarming

Game Of Thrones Season 7:  As success falls in the hands of our favorite TV series, so are the enemies devising every possible way to gain from the Game of Thrones credibility. The HBO Cyber attack or a mere hacking act that just befell the newly released season 7 is a worldwide issue with the fact that many cyber attacks have been exercised in USA destroying prominent computer systems and businesses’ information.

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In Game Of Thrones Season 7 episode 5 this kind of act is can’t be compromised since the film industry looks like the prevailing target for the hackers. It must be noted that HBO/ Game of Thrones series never been hacked or unauthorized information finding its way to the internet until this year when the series is a public eye.

The hacking action has left the HBO managers, Game of Thrones directors, producers, show runners, and writers baffled by the fact that crucial data of the latest episodes and those to come; particularly episode 5 is in the wrong hands. This indeed appears to be a game as the hackers depict that they aren’t interested in the money even though they are demanding for a pay-off to stop releasing more vital information on the internet.

According to major resources, a huge amount of data was stolen and part of it has been leaked which include the newest episodes of the Game of Thrones series plus a video which disappeared from the internet in the next morning. The scripts of the various episodes are already roaming around, whereas the hackers threaten to upload the episode 5 script which is intended for the August, 13 release (Sunday).

Among the information released includes part of the Game of Thrones financial statements illustrating the promos expenditures and the lump sum of some of the big names in the HBO series.The hackers sent a letter describing the amount they desire to get from the HBO team in case they wish to stop the hackers from leaking more information. This is what they wrote

“Our demand is clear and non-negotiable: we want XXXX dollars to stop leaking your data” Furthermore, “HBO spends $12M for market research and $5M on advertisements for the Game of Thrones seventh season”, so consider us another budget for your advertisements. The letter was then signed, “Mr. Smith”

The hackers claim that they must be paid within a few days

Where HBO lies HBO is one of the biggest TV networks in the USA and if something of this sort is experienced, it is a warning to others in the industry. Previously, Nexflix was a victim of the hackers when Orange is the New Black season 5 episodes were leaked online before it found make its grand debut and it is not the only victim in the past.

At this point, HBO is puzzled about the actual date that was taken, but all it knows is that vital information might land on the internet in case the hackers continue with their game.
1.5 terabytes of date in assumed to be out there and its a move to reach the hacker’s website, there is no response.

On the other hand, the HBO CEO, Richard Plepler assured the public that eligible technology teams, companies, and experts are doing everything possible to protect or retrieve the information from the hackers. Unfortunately, the hackers aren’t identified.

A word from the GOT fansAbsolutely this is perplexing much as the Game of Thrones fans may desire a piece of cake before the episodes finally make their debut. Many of the GOT fans have taken to different social media sites to extend their dismay about the matter.

What about the upcoming episodes?

Episode 5 of season 7 was scheduled to be released on August 13, and there hasn’t been any new information regarding shifts of the yet to be released episode. The episode is titled “Eastwatch” and directed by Matt Shakman. There has been no trailer released yet, but we just hope that matters end in HBO’s favour

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