Relive Jon Snow’s Journey for the Throne in the upcoming season 8

Relive Jon Snow’s Journey for the Throne in the upcoming season 8

In April 2019 fans’ wait is going to end as Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 is going to premiere. In the initial glimpse of season, it has been indicated that this episode will include the revelations that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are shown as military allies, newly minted lovers and are aunt and nephew.

In the journey of Jon Snow, fans could watch that after 3 years of Red Wedding one new king has arisen in the north region. As this upcoming season is gearing up to be the most memorable season of the television so the fans are expecting much entertainment and spicy stuff to watch in the season.

Jon got the victory in the battle of bastards and is embraced by the remaining northern houses even he got the status of bastard earlier. Even he has been promised to be the prince as he is both Stark and a Targaryen. It seems from the post of supercut about the upcoming season 8 that in this upcoming season tribute has been paid to recently concluding 6 seasons of Game Of Thrones. This posted Supercut focuses on the life, death, and resurrection of the Fans’ favorite Jon Snow. The trailers of this upcoming installment of the Game of Thrones that it is the last time Ned Stark and Jon are sharing screen and it will get back them to the time of Season 1 when Ned promised to Jon to tell about his mother when they would meet next times so it would be interesting to watch that what would happen now? What would probably Ned do now?

As Jon Snow is one of the few characters of this series who survive even after the three epic battles of the series however the battles of Jon are far from over as per the worlds of Ser Alliser so it would be interesting to watch his journey in this battle of bastards in this upcoming season.This season would take the interesting turn for Jon ‘s life as now the story is not about who are the parents of Jon as it is now about what will happen when Jon came to know about his parents?? So fans could not wait a lot to watch this interesting twist in this season and even they do not want to miss the reactions and actions of their favorite character Jon in the season after finding his parents.

As the season eight of this great fantasy is coming closer the fans are becoming desperate to watch what will happen in the life of Jon? Even along with the life of their favorite character and winner of the battle of the bastard, fans could see some other characters in the season and their interactions with the Jon like of Jaime Lannister. Well, soon the curiosity of fans and predictions will come to an end when the Game of Thrones will return with season 8 in April 2019.

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