The Sweet Little Girl Maisie Williams Shares Her Sweet Story Of Entering Stardom

The Sweet Little Girl Maisie Williams Shares Her Sweet Story Of Entering Stardom

All the Game of Thrones fans out here, I want to ask you a question. How closely do you watch your favorite series? Do you know about the sweet little girl called Arya Stark? Well, let me brief you a little about her. Excited, well, and then read on. I have little something to tell about this sweet little girl, called Maisie Williams (in real life). She was not more than 12 years of age while she became a part of Game of Thrones cast and crew. She stopped going to school when she turned 14 because it was the acting bug that had stung her badly.

She says that she was given such bright opportunities to which she simply couldn’t refuse.

Maisie enacts the role of a foil fencing fighter, Arya Stark in  Game of Thrones season 8.

Now the little girl who is all of 16 years old, admits herself that she didn’t pass in any of the GCES (General certificate of education), not because she couldn’t prepare properly, but because of the fact that she left school, and did not appear for any of them.

This kind of thing is not accepted by the general society, but not with Maisie’s parents. But in general, if a child says that he or she wishes to be in the

Film or TV industry, it is certainly not taken very nicely (especially that of a school going kid), and if you are thinking of Maisie as being an average or a not so bright student at school, let me tell you that her family says she has  gathered nothing less than A and B grade.

But, the show needed her to keep working- most of the series of game of thrones is shot in Morocco, Malta, and Croatia, among other sites. Hence, it was a   mutual decision between the school authorities and her family that she leaves school and be taught at home (homeschooling).

One of the laws states that all British Children to be educated till 16 years of age, but getting GCEs is not a compulsion.

But in the case of Maisie, the opportunity to go on doing the top-rated series was never on her mind to miss, I mean who would leave a chance to work with the most famous star Sean Bean, from the lord of the rings.

girl maisie williams as arya starkHer mother was overheard saying that, she loves to her bundle of joy walking on the red carpet, and if she wishes to continue her studies in the future, she is more than welcome to do it.

All the fans adore the cute little girl, whom they have watched on their TV sets since she was 12 and is now growing up, they feel she is a part of their family.

She has also been heard saying that she likes to have healthy conversations and likes to be someone with whom she can put her heart out.

Her future looks quite bright and secure- at least till now. But without glimmering results of exams and old traditional good looks of her colleague, Sophie, it is only the right time, which will let everyone know if her hard work has been paid off or not. Let’s wait and watch!

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