Top 6 fan theories for game of thrones season seven

Top 6 fan theories for game of thrones season seven

The penultimate series of game of thrones is returning to our screens this summer with its 7th installment. The creators have tried to pour the extreme entertainment in 7 episodes in this season 7.

Here are top 6 theories about the season 7 on what to expect for the season

Cersei is killed by Jaime

This season hints are there about the Valongar who is Jaime the twin of Cersei and born after the sister. Fans could expect the murder of bitter and enraged Cersei by the Jaime in this season episode 3.

Samwell Tarly is actually telling game of thrones

It is unexpected that the game of thrones is being told by the one of the actors John Bradley who is casting as Samwell, which is quite unusual for the fans

Tyrion is a Targaryen?

In the last season, fans have watched Tyrion’s dragon skills interestingly with the theory that he could be a Targaryen rather than a lannister. According to theory Tywin, who is father of Tyrion hates him as he is aware that his real father is Aerys Targaryen that claimed his bedding rights on his mother on first night.

Bran lets in the White Walkers

Fans of bran strak miht have to look away in this season as according to predictors he might cause the disaster in his try to stop white walkers pass through the wall, as in the last season they were marked by the night’s king to pass through the magical barrier. In this season Bran might go south of the wall, that would be free entry into Westeros for the ice zombies.

Arya becomes the Lady Stone heart

Fans’ wait could end up with the theory that Arya will become the lady stone heart in the season instead of the Lady stark

Arya is… actually dead?

According to hypothesis Arya is dead at the hands of the waif in the dark room but according to theory, waif disobeyed the orders of not giving much suffer to Arya so she got punished to wear her face and to work her way through the list of vengeance of Arya

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