TV Show: Game Of Thrones Season 7‎ Surprise Package With Extraordinary Trailer Episodes

TV Show: Game Of Thrones Season 7‎ Surprise Package With Extraordinary Trailer Episodes

After the long wait and short holiday break game of thrones is getting back on track with its 7th installment in the series. The cast back members are back filming season 7 of the HBO TV series. TV Show: Game Of Thrones Season 7 series will air on HBO in summers.

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The directors of this season David Benioff and D.B. Weiss revealed that this installment will have some changes as like other previous seasons it will not have 10 episode as it will be composed of 7 episode and its next installment will have 6 only however not as such reason for this is not revealed only short of cast content is made responsible for it. you all can also watch Game Of Thrones Season 7‎ episode 2 online here on our fan-fiction this website which provides all the information about it and also we are talking about Game Of Thrones Season 7 on Disqus‎ discussion board.

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Even the Lain Glen explained that this fewer episodes in the series will take the equal time length in telecast shoot in less episodes. He also explained that more 15 hours left but might change but he promised that less content of the series will be seized and scaled up will be more extraordinary so it will not lessen the entertainment of fans with 7 episodes instead of 10. It means there is not to worry about the missing 3 episodes in the series but to be curious for the upcoming entertainment that has been traded in the less set of pieces.

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Game of thrones season 7 episode 1 is predicted to be air on near April and in this first show of after holiday break Bran Stark will cross into Westeros and as the night king has mark on the boy so will give the night king and his army way to break through the westeros. Jon snow and Daenerys will also get way in 7th season which will add to entertainment of fans. Their romance and sex scenes will also add fire and the encounter of Arya and Nymeria on the way to Winterfell is also surprise package for fans. Arya will reunite with Stark in the later episodes.

Then Yara and Theon will have major battle at sea with their uncle Greyjoy and Jon snow will lead the small force to capture wight. Then there will be biggest war of the season between Jon and Night king’s army. Then in the season end with the fall of Wall and the invasion of white walkers will get in. So the end of the season 8 will focus on the final battle between the Weateros and White walkers to end the game of thrones which is a game of either to win or to die.

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