Yes; “This is it” with the Latest Season 7 of Game of Thrones

Yes; “This is it” with the Latest Season 7 of Game of Thrones

July, 16, 2017 was the opening day of the worldwide series “Game of Thrones”. As per now, the things are getting out of control than expected or predicted by the Game of Thrones fans. With only 3 episodes released, Game of Thrones in just capturing every mind from all corners. Absolutely the battle between the seven kingdoms holds fire that consumes even the legends as we have so far witnessed in the first 3 episodes. It’s really getting hotter and hotter than we expected, but all we know is that this is the beginning of the spectacular ending that we will all be treated to.

The previous episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice” left us thrilled, but not 100% secure with the prevailing matters in the seven kingdoms. Jon Snow’s arrival at Dragonstone and the romantic interaction with Daenerys was a teaser since they are all trying to overcome their enemies in Game of Thrones season 7  Episode 4.

Finally things in King’s Landing look better than we all expected. Cersei is at the top of the game with Euron and Jaime. She has managed to secure more and more allies than all the other kings and queens. Euron’s arrival with the gifts ‘Ellaria and Tyene’ looks like an approval that Euron is one of the muscular men Cersei can always count on.

Looking at the events that have so far taken place among the several kingdoms, every kingdom is taking this chance as an evaluation process. That is what Jon is trying to yet buy meeting Daenerys whose army has greatly declined and put to a total test.

As of now, Cesei holds the greatest and strongest military, army with better strategies than all the others yet she is one of the biggest enemies alongside the White Walkers

Jon Snow’s interaction with Tyrion at the beach was just awesome, though part of the topic “ Tyrion urinating at the wall” was kind of… Snow looks to have found a brother in the short period he had spent at Dragonstone. It was breathtaking with a mere fact that many are expecting the two sides to join.

The Spoils of War” is the upcoming episode 4 that will be released on August 6, which means tomorrow. Directed by Matt Shakman, the latest teaser is quite alluring with Daenerys trying to win Jon Snow’s hand in war. Daenerys and Tyrion are almost at the edge after the past attacks left them agitated. She enphasizes to Jon that her enemy is destroying her and she is losing it all. This is after Highgarden was stormed and she is now almost naked

Later, trying to leave, Jon is cut off by Daenerys commanding that all their weapons be withheld and this means they can’t go any further.

Cersei is the master minder, now cooperating with the Iron Bank of Braavos. We saw that Tycho Nestoris, who is a representative of the Iron Bank of Braavos came to Cersei talking real business. Yes, it is all about the debts. Remember that Jaime took over Highgarden is the previous episode.

Meanwhile, on the other side ‘Winterfell’, Brienne of Tarth is seen drawing her sword while her squire podrick drops down. Something seems wrong that will only be identified in the fourth episode.

From episode 1 to the 3rd, Cersei is just at the top and though it may appear that she is taking the Iron Throne, that is still in a bracket. In otherwards, we still have many episodes coming along to find how much her powers can go!

That is it with the Game of Thrones and more is soon to be revealed as we crack the series from the bottom. The Song of Ice and Fire has provided a breakthrough that could be missed and we can imagine how the internet would be. Game of Thrones indicates that it is a real battle of the fittest and you either die or live, but all matters is that you got to stand and fight through thick and thin.

More surprises are coming our way, and we anxiously wait to see whether Cersei will marry someone as she indicated in the previous episode or Otherwise

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